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Carin is a dream to work with! She makes the whole experience both comfortable and fun which really enhances the end result!~Tanner

Carin does a wonderful job at making you feel comfortable and at ease. She presents you with quality work and plenty of options at the end of your session. She's great to work with!~Emma

Carin is one of the best headshot photographers I've ever worked with. She has the rare ability to capture an honest picture that truly reflects not only what's on the outside but also what's on the inside. It's easy to find someone to take a nice picture of your face but it's much harder to find someone who captures your energy and spirit as well. I'd recommend Carin to anyone. She's a joy to work with and produces great results!~Kyla

Carin made me feel not only comfortable, but confident! The whole time she was taking pictures, she was encouraging and reassuring. Also, I was thrilled with the result! The photos turned out fantastic. Overall, it was a wonderful experience!~Heidi

Carin is an amazing photographer. She is so reassuring and makes you feel great about yourself while she is shooting you. She has an eye for detail and she knows exactly what casting directors of all types are looking for. I'd do photo shoots with her every week if it was an option. She provides such a chill, calm, and friendly atmosphere and the results are incredible. SHE IS FABULOUS!~Hillary

Carin goes well beyond getting a wonderful headshot. She has a rare gift of finding the unique qualities in each person, which allows her customers to shine! Her artistry and creativity she put into my headshots are incomparable to any photo that has ever been taken of me. She is amazing!~Claudia

I could not have had a better experience with my first head shots. Carin brings out confidence you didn’t know you had, and keeps you very comfortable through the duration of the shoot. She beautifully brings out your best assets with precision and simplicity. Her knowledge of photography and the business is great. She provides you with a large variety of pictures to choose from. I would recommend Carin to anyone and everyone!~Maddie

Being someone who is uncomfortable having pictures taken Carin Silkaitis was able to create such a comfortable and fun experience that I ended up having a lot of fun. After a great shoot Carin showed me the shot she believed would make the best headshot right away. She knows what directors and casting agents are looking for. Whenever I give out my headshot, I always get compliments on it! People always ask who took such a good shot, and I proudly respond "Carin Silkaitis"! I highly recommend her!~Colleen

Carin Silkaitis - Chicago Theatre Artist