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I believe that a director should have a very clear vision and be able to articulate that vision clearly and passionately to their cast and crew. This vision should be original and inspired, and it should be crafted with along with the rest of your creative team. Designers are an incredible source of inspiration and they are generative artists in their own right - gone are the days of hierarchical directors - I hope. I believe a director should trust their actors, designers, and crew to do their work without being micro-managed. I try to always give careful, constructive, tactful feedback to my actors - because it matters. I believe that my job is to illuminate the play - not impose some external "truth" onto the play. I love working with playwrights because their words are the whole reason we're all working so hard!

Current Directing Gigs Include:

  • I recently directed a badass production of "Mosque Alert" by Jamil Khoury at North Central College.
  • I am directing "Through the Elevated Line" by Novid Parsi for Silk Road Rising. I can't wait to get started on this one. Incredible script. The show opens Spring 2018.
  • I am directing "The Flick" at North Central College. The show will open in 2018. 


  • I directed a film short written (and filmed) by Wade Balsamo called "Ephemeral Presence". It's a really lovely piece of art.