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Following in the footsteps of Sanford Meisner - I believe that acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. I am a worker - in the truest sense of the word. I am relentless. But above all, I know that it's not about me. Meryl Streep once said that she doesn't know anything about her character until she looks into her partner's eyes. I love that...

Current Acting Roles Include:


  • Recent credits include "Machinal" at the Greenhouse, "Visiting" at Artemisia, "I Do Today" at the Greenhouse, "Sons of the Prophet" at American Theatre Company, and "Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England" at Theater Wit. 

Film and TV:

  • I shot the SAG Feature "Unexpected" with Cobie Smulders and Anders Holm. The trailer is available on and you can see the movie on Netflix. 
  • I shot episode 418 of Chicago Fire on NBC directed by Joe Chappelle. 


  • My commercial for Instant Care is running now. Great shoot - awesome people! Check out the video on YouTube.
  • I recently shot back to back commercials for the Arkansas Lottery. Great director, cast and crew! The video is visible on YouTube.


  • My videos for Clickhole Productions (The Onion) is currently featured on the website. Check out the Worst Job's video's.

Please click on "Contact Carin" to receive an emailed copy of my headshot and resume, or contact Gray Talent Group in Chicago.

Carin Silkaitis - Chicago Theatre Artist